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Forum back online! Let's get this show going

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I disabled the forum a while back because it seemed like the trend was going to smaller devices, which work best with facebook and other simple apps. 

However, I believe now that the trend is going back to larger screens, and more interactive applications, such as forums.

Forums have always been my favorite way to discuss and conversation, because you don't have to be online at the same time as the person reading or posting, everything is archived so can be accessed without, and you can post and include alot more into your thoughts and messages.

The domain has changed again, so we'll see how this goes.

If you have any issues or bugs, please report them so they can be sorted out.

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I've been trying to configure the email settings on the script and server so that emails will go through, and have attempted sending out a mass email, letting people know that the forums are back up.

If knew members don't get their verification email, please contact me on here, or email  [email protected] and i'll resolve the issue for you ASAP.

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