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New Donation jac0b711

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Sorry that was an automated topic :D but thanks for the donation.

i set you up as donor, as you saw last night. This will expire from a month from now, but don't worry, you'll still keep the donor status, but you're be in like a previous donor group that has less privileges. Right now the only thing the current donors have over previous donors is fly ability. Things will be improved as we go. Added and changed, but don't worry, i'll still try to make the previous donors group worth it.

Only diff you'll see is a diff colored name or something, but it'll still say Donor in the chat.


anyways thanks again.

Look around these forums, i really want to get these going. :D


if you get a chance take a look at this, and post any ideas if you have any.



btw, im muggerfugger in the server :p

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