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Referral Contest ideas?

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i think its time to do something to help get this forum going.


I need some ideas for a contest based on the referral system, which i think will help get new users, and possibly this place going.


There are many topics created about the referral system so far, but basically each member has their own referral link, and if anyone signs up using that link, they get a point. There are some anti cheat measures within the referral system so people with the same ip's cant sign up. so the same person can't keep using it over and over again. Also i'm going to try to block some of the known proxies to help stop some people from cheating with them.


I need some more ideas such as prizes and rules.


I'm thinking first place can be $100, or maybe just $50, and second place $50 or $25. Then i can probably do some games on steam or something. Maybe even give out like a free minecraft account to all the top 5 or 10 winners.


All payments would be paid via paypal, and if the user doesnt have paypal, i can get them a game on steam,origin, or some other digital goods at the same value.


Some of the rules i'm thinking about like i said are the no cheating. also if not that many people participate i want to reserve the right to cancel the entire contest. So people might take it more seriously, because its either all or nothing, errm or whatever.


I just don't want to give away alot of money for nothing LOL.


There are also settings in the script that wont count the referral unless the person who signed up is actually active, by making a couple posts.


any ideas?

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