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Disabled Carbon Orange skin - Login errors

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I've been wondering why no one has been on the forum in the past few days. So i decided to test the login system, and i was receiving an error every single time i tried to login.


So hadn't change any plugins/hooks or anything on the site, other than changing the default theme to the CarbonOrange one.


So i tested it, and tried to login with another skin as default, and it worked!


So the carbon orange skin is just broken, so it'll be disabled for now, which is sad because i really liked it.

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I'm back on the velvet skin. its actually my fav since its so clean .i'll make sure its enabled for everyone. I just don't want to have alot of skins to maintain.


i need to figure out whats wrong with the orange.



i guess i could enable the orange one as an option. but not default for now. So you can chose it if you want,but switch back if you're having login issues.

So yeah, i'll set it so anyone can chose it now. So by the time you read this you can :D

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