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Do we need an actual over all topic/subject for the forum?

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I've always heard that its hard to run a general forum, which is a forum about everything, since it doesn't pertain to any certain topic, no one is going to come to get help, and join the forum, which i do understand.


History of this forum alone would show that it was much MUCH more active when it was a Michael Jackson fan forum.


However, that forum did die, people get bored talking about the same subject over and over, and it seems to only get the forum SO FAR, then people quit wanting to talk about the same crap, and there aren't any new people to get, since the people who are already interested are already signed up, and so on.


Thing i hated about it being a MJ forum was the fact that it was only MJ fans, and not many other people to talk about other issues.


I think we can still get this place going as a general forum.

What do you all think about this?

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