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Referral System, invite your friends!

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We have implemented a referral system! So now you can invite all your friends to come hang out with us.


You get points for each valid referral, but for now the points are just for fun, since there arent any prizes or anything fancy like that, but maybe that's something we can add in the future once this place becomes active again.


You can go here to get your referral link to give to people (use the link it gives you or else you wont get credit for the the referral)



and you can go here to see how many referrals you've sent out[



There is also a referral stat page which tells us who has the most referrals and such, but i cant seem to find it at the moment, ha.

but if you have the sidebar enabled on the forum index, you can see a simple version on the it.




lets get this place going!!! :D

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I put together a signature people can use.




You can use it as a referral link by using thise code! Replace NUMBER with your number, you can find this by your member account number !





Smaller one:








I think soon I'm gonna have to run a contest on here, like $300 to the person who gets the most active referrals, ha but they'll have to come later.

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a competition with a prize of $300 dollars crap thats a lot of many dont you think josh


Needs to be alot to get alot of people into it, LOL but i don't know when i'll do that. Maybe i'll start with $100, or maybe get some fancy expensive price instead.


I know you wouldn't be interested unless it was a Justin bieber cd bundle.

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