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    chillin out and enjoying life im a student studying information systems Most of all Michael Jackson i love MICHAEL

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  1. post a message here http://www.**OLD MJHQ SITE **.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5762
  2. true hun dont give out ur number online PM him then it wont be across the whole of the forum
  3. ty LOL it took me a while to get it to work had to re install my blinkies to get the moderators one to work
  4. any1 like my new style signature ? hehe DONT FEED THE MODERATORS LMAO
  5. hmmmmmm wht on earth is this person gonna eat all my signatures LMAO
  6. yea i got it u should get the messenger's lots of ppl here are on them
  7. will do hun im on so many forums and sites LMAO at the mo i cant remember which is which
  8. register with photobucket then upload them from ur computer hun
  9. i upload them hun from my computer like the pics ive saved i upload to my photobucket so i can use them as my signatures easier
  10. Awww ur so very welcomes anytimes to use them if u can remember the address LMAO if u forget feel free to ask me or just look at this post
  11. otay go to my homepage for photobucket and have a look sweets http://photobucket.com/albums/b294/michealjacksonisinnocent/ all my signatures and pics are on there feel free to use them
  12. i got some on my photobucket u can use if u like let me know if u do want to use one of my old ones
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