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    I like to draw,paint,sulpt,write,act(sometimes),sing,design fashion,make things out of MardiGras beads. I hope to become famous worldwide for helping people through my music,books,Art,and poetry.
  1. I see LOL..well make it clear that they won't get paid..I don't think anyone's gonna mind that LOL.
  2. Okay hear me out on this. Everytime I e-mail Karen Faye, I try to represent MJHQ in some way, and it takes to many words. How about we do something that no other MJ website I know of has done? And that is to have a spokesperson. Therefore anything we need to know or say, we can have a person with that assigned duty do it for us. It's just a suggestion, but it's the best way we can find out what is real and What's not about MJ. And we could probably be in on anything before everyone else. Just a random thought.
  3. I think that's a wonderful Idea. But the competitions can't be easy.
  4. Yeah, I saw that. I knew THAT was a joke. So that wasn't what made me ask.
  5. LOL Yeah, I wrote the longest message! LOL But seriously, that's sweet
  6. Thank you so much ,guys.
  7. For some reason, I can't get any MJ pictures on my album in my controls. Understand. I want people to view it but I can fet any images on there and I'm getting frustrated.
  8. I occasionally go to the help section about MJHQ and found info on registering. Do we have to pay for anything? It's the way everything was posted there and the little fundraiser for a member on this sight. If we never did have to pay any fee, Then please don't say anything negative. I already feel a little stupid for asking this question.
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