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  1. looks like woody on meth LOL
  2. I'm partnered with a really awesome host called inetu but I don't know if they'd host this site or not tho.... and they are a high end host.
  3. must be on the web host's end... I'd contact them about it.
  4. it's fine on my firefox though... I'm running the 9.0 nightly.
  5. yeah... mabye it's more anti-spam crap.... some of that gets extreme. as for the hosting acct stuff it should be fine... and I recommend doing a cpanel full backup. it's easy and you can transfer it to another host really quick.
  6. I saw the post earlier as well.... do you use a CDN or Content Distribution Network??? what CDNs do is if the central file server was in allentown,pa for example.... you live in KS right? you would be getting a copy of the forum's static images for example (all the button graphics, post icons, smilies, etc) as well as static pages, markup, etc from a Kansas City node on the CDN I would get mine from Columbus, OH node since that's closer to me..... another user in the NL would get it from an Amsterdam datacenter. This is a neat thing becuase it takes the load off the central core server, and allows it more processing power for the forum DB as well as saving bandwidth. Does your forum implement something like this? sometimes some posts may get lost, as a result of mis-caching, or some CDN issues. If you have a CDN you may want to purge it and reload it and that may fix your problem. Also some files go into read-only status when the server has issues or any security problems as well. Also your host could be doing some PHP or MySQL upgrades and often those'll lock files to make sure DB damage is not done while the uprgrade is performed. does your host offer managed support??? if so please try to get them to take care of it.
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