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  1. Hmmmmm............ u said u want to change the color of the forum. I am not sure Josh. I think the main site and the forum is fine!
  2. That is strange! Why couldn't you see the Photos?
  3. It is ok! I can extended it if you want me to! I never get tired of Remember The Time, trust me!
  4. Ok, I was scared for a moment! I didn't know that!
  5. Josh are you talking to me? I really don't care for Emienm. He made fun of MICHAEL JACKSON IN 2005! That's why I hate the fucking bitch!
  6. Guys, it is on the forum! You don't have to travel to NY! It's tomorrow any way! What we are going to do is listen to the song and talk about. You can post poems, write the lyrics and share your comments about it!
  7. Hi,everyone! I am hosting a party on Jan 14. It is Remember The Time's Birthday! You are all invited!
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