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    Her name is Courtney. But you MUST call her Courtz. Or She'll get all blackhawk on your ass. Obviously she is a female. She has 5 piercings and is bound to get a SHITLOAD more xD She loves to dye her hair reguarly, it's something she loves to experiment with. She loves to act crazy, but most of the time it comes naturally. She is Obsessed with Michael Jackson. Don't fuck around with her when it comes to him. She loves to play guitar or sing, and even dance as they are her passion. Music is her life. It's not just something that exists, it's everything. Nothing compares. She loves her friends dearly, she wouldn't be who she is today without them.<br /><br />I am so glad to have a place where I can talk about Michael with out hearing critisizm 24/7.. I love all you MJ fans! :] <3

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  1. I think that having the forum the same colour as the main site would be awesome xD
  2. Haha! Happy belayed bday Remember the time! <333 xxx
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