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  1. Emotions work for me ... there's no problems with them, so I think everythings' OK.
  2. You are welcome MaJa. I see you succeed in changing your name It is really great it is possible to change your name on here. I would love other forums had such feature too.
  3. Hey MaJa, if you want to change your username, you have to go to your "My Controls", then choice "Change Display Name" on your controls panel on the left and pick new username you want to have. That's all
  4. ^ same with me here I still think rules are really OK.
  5. This is because I always am amazed by talented people and Ramona definately is Also, she is very sweet and kind person It is always interesting to talk to her.
  6. So great sugar to have you here! :blowkiss: I am really happy to be together with you on this site too And for everyone - Ramona is so talented girl! She makes wonderful siggies, wallpapers, avatars and drawings too!!!
  7. Oh, well, I am from not very big country in Europe - Lithuania So, once again - it is great to have you here
  8. Hi, it is great you joined us I hope you will like it here and will have much time Where are you from???
  9. Kristina


    I don't... but maybe someone of site's members does... we have many members here, so it is possible someone speaks italian too...
  10. Kristina


    Thank you * and thank Josh who made this site looking so great! * Maybe you want to join this site?????
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